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Procrastination – A Success Killer!

“Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Those are my mother’s words to me as a child and they still ring true today. This is not a dress rehearsal. As a coach I here from Chiropractors everyday that they are frustrated because they are not living up to their potential.

Here are few things you can DO to live up to your potential: 

1- Take the time to get a very clear picture of what you want in the different venues of your life. (Write it down)

2- Make a list of all the things you are going to have to DO to achieve what you have visualized.

3- Prioritize that list putting things in order of achievement.

4- Get started right away on the first priority.

5- Do something every day in each venue to move you towards your goal.

Here is a few things to think about:

1- Is your practice expressing it’s full finical potential? In other words are you giving all the service you can possibly give?

2- Are you running your practice like a business?

3- Do you have a well trained team that looks at their work as a calling?

4- Do you have refined system, procedures and protocols so your practice runs like a Swiss watch?

5- Are you and your team creating the miracles that Chiropractic is famous for?

6- Are you having fun?

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