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Refocus for 2023 Goal Planning

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March is the best time to refocus on your yearly goals. Most people have lost the momentum of the new year and are anxious to get through tax season.  By the time they know it, it’s June and they haven’t reached a single milestone on their yearly goals. 

Go back to the basics:

Are you using your hour of power every morning? 

This is the best time to visit your goals and set your vision for the day.  You will reinforce your neurology to look for possibilities and opportunities. 

Can you add in a second or third hour of power each day? 

Does your action plan work? 

Check your action plan to make sure that the steps that you wrote down are still doable. Often, we write down our goals, write down the steps and formulate our action plan, but once we start working on our plan, we realize that we need to go back and rework some of the steps. That happens! It’s okay to go back and change steps that are superfluous or wrong. 

Are you making excuses? 

Time to give yourself some tough love. It’s time to recognize that change can be painful but it’s temporary and suffering is optional. Any time you make changes you risk going through the pain of change but it’s fleeting and you will be happier on the other side. Take time each day to remind yourself of why you are making these changes and what you will do when you reach the other side. It’s good to go back to your why statement. 

Are you practicing gratitude?

A great way to give yourself a boost of energy is to practice gratitude. You may be feeling lousy because you have already given up on your goals. That’s okay. Spend some time today feeling grateful for everything that you have and everything that you give to the world. Use the good energy of gratitude to fuel you onwards. Look at your goals with a feeling of thankfulness that you can go after your dreams and know that you can make them a reality.

It’s green lights and blue skies for you. 

Coach Lee

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