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Resolution Journey Jackie K

The Journey to Resolutions is a 4 part series led by Dr. Lee Wood of Chiropractic One on One Coaching. Follow four Chiropractors as they set resolutions and put strategies in place to achieve their goals!  See more information on the project here.


Resolution DC 1: Jackie K from the Midwest

“This year I want to strengthen my retention skills. I know I need to build better relationships with my patients so they continue to come in and receive care. If I can communicate better, they will see how important care is, and if you exceed expectations they will refer!”


Goal: Learn how to communicate effectively to elevate patient satisfaction.


4 Step Strategy to Improve Verbal Retention Practices

Step 1:

First of all communication is not what you say it is what is heard. So it is important to say what you say in a way you get heard what you want to get heard.Determine what specific parts of the communication you are not getting the results you want.. Usually it is with one of three items; you aren’t saying the right things, you aren’t having this conversation at the right time or you aren’t having the conversation at all!

Step 2:

Analyze what you are currently doing by recording or writing out what you are saying. Say it aloud to yourself and try to think objectively. Are you touching on why it’s important for them to receive care? Are you communicating the value of what you do and the ramifications of not getting care? Are you personalizing the communication to fit each individual patient you speak with to make that deep connection? Revamp your communication  to include a place where you can add a personal touch to ensure it directly applies to the patient you are speaking with.

Step 3:

Once you are comfortable with your communication, change your onboarding procedures to include an area where you ask the patient why they are looking to receive Chiropractic care and what their ultimate health goal is. Note this within their file. For current patients, hold yourself accountable to have this conversation with at least 3 patients per day! Start small and then work up to discussing this with each patient you see.

Step 4:

After you have had the first conversation, have a follow up conversation with each patient in which you talk about helping the people they know and love. Tell them how excited you are that they’ve been coming into the practice and how Chiropractic can help the people they love. Offer them a coupon that would entitle their referral to receive a New Patient Evaluation at a discounted rate to see how Chiropractic can help them.

Follow these 4 Chiropractors as they work towards achieving their resolutions and receive tips to achieve yours!