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Resolution Journey Matthew M

The Journey to Resolutions is a 4 part series led by Dr. Lee Wood of Chiropractic One on One Coaching. Follow four Chiropractors as they set resolutions and put strategies in place to achieve their goals!  See more information on the project here.


Resolution DC 1: Matthew M from the West Coast

“Dr. Lee, I am not going to sugarcoat it. I simply want to see more new patients. I’ll be honest, I just have no idea where to start.”


Goal: Learn how to grow the practice and see more patients

Strategy Guide to Grow your Chiropractic Practice:

Step 1:

Prepare yourself for growth by removing clutter and things that you are tolerating. In other words expand your capacity. Answer the following question honestly: If your practice currently sees for example 50 patients a week could you handle 70 patients total next week? if not, why? If so, read onto the next step!

Growth Method #1:

Start internally for powerful results. Your current patients are walking referral sources! They know how important it is to seek Chiropractic care. Ask them during their next visit if they know anyone  suffering from any type of pain or condition, or that is looking to feel healthier overall. Then let them know that you are offering a discounted patient evaluation for anyone they refer. Ask as many people as possible for the best results! If just 10 out of your “50” patients a week refer someone, your practice has grown by 20%! Utilize a Patient Letter Program. Send birthday letters, thank you for referral letters, maintenance letters and of course a monthly newsletter with a new patient introductory offer. Bottom line ask for referrals and maintain a presence.

Growth Method #2:

Become the Chiropractor of Choice by getting involved in the community. Get out and talk to local business owners that preach natural health and wellness. Remember your network is equal to your net worth. This could be local gyms, health food stores etc. Put a face on Chiropractic by becoming visible in the community. Be congruent, walk your talk. Constantly be working on the practice as well as in the practice. Maintain high standards of service and integrity. Use resources from One on One Chiropractic Coaching’s library to assist with this. Offering  business owners a coupon or printed resource that they can hand out to customers makes referring easy. Follow up with these locations every few weeks and remember, referral are a two way street!

*These are just two of our very effective strategies for growth. Reach out to schedule your free, no obligation consultation to learn more!

Follow these 4 Chiropractors as they work towards achieving their resolutions and receive tips to achieve yours!