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Resolution Journey Patty D

The Journey to Resolutions is a 4 part series led by Dr. Lee Wood of Chiropractic One on One Coaching. Follow four Chiropractors as they set resolutions and put strategies in place to achieve their goals!  See more information on the project here.

Resolution DC 4: Patty D from the East Coast

“I need to get my office in order to continue to grow. We started great the first two years of practice, but things have gotten unorganized and chaotic. My resolution is to hire two new staff members before we grow.”


Goal: Learn how to hire great staff members and streamline paperwork

4 Step Strategy to have your office run like a well oiled machine:

Step 1:

Evaluate your staff. Have you hired the right people for the job? Do their personality styles match their job descriptions? Do you train your staff thoroughly and continue to train for increased proficiency?

Step 2:

Do you have bonus programs or incentive programs to encourage growth while sharing in the profit. “That which gets rewarded gets done”.

Step 3:

Make your staff members the CEO of their own job descriptions. Give them the tools they need to succeed and support them in taking initiatives to improve their roles. Be honest with them and let them know you are preparing for growth and will need their dedication! Remember micro managing doesn’t work so use weekly well structure staff meetings to train and keep the communication open. Share your mission, vision and purpose on a regular basis with the entire team.

Step 4:

Build camaraderie, loyalty and a singleness of purpose for your team. Develop your highest purpose. Keep your eye on the goal while turning challenges and obstacles into opportunities. Work on yourself and your leadership skills. Be honest, transparent, sincere and authentic.

Follow these 4 Chiropractors as they work towards achieving their resolutions and receive tips to achieve yours!