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Sales or Influence?

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Do you find that it is difficult to sell chiropractic? 

If so, then I want you to pay close attention and learn these principles. 

Success in business, relative to chiropractic means that we need to change minds and communicate value. 

We must master the arts of influence and persuasion, in a benevolent way. These can be perceived negatively, but it means that we are doing it so that the patient makes the decision that is right for them. We are leading, educating and communicating chiropractic in a way that allows them to see the hope, possibilities, and healing that can come from our care. 

The old way of report of findings in chiropractic was based on fear tactics and that’s the way that allopathic medicine functions today. 

What we do now is to bring the truth without sugar coating it and combine that with the hope, vision, and education that will guide the patient to make the decision that is in their best interest. 

Influence is a long-term strategy, that focuses on inspiring people, and being the person that someone needs to follow. 

Persuasion is short term, and requires, doing action items, and rules of operation.  This is when you give someone Dos and Don’ts, exercises, treatment schedule. 

You want to lead with the patients’ values and their interests in mind.  You can find this out by talking to the patient and using questions to find out what motivates them and drives them. 

Use empathy and statements like “I understand”, to bring you into their circle of influence.  

Give the patient options: You can do nothing- which I do not advise, you can do relief care- which will get you out of pain but then you’ll end up right back where you started, or You can do corrective care- which will have the best outcomes. 

Rate yourself on your ability to influence people and be persuasive. 

Write down where you can grow. 

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