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Six Essential Values

If I ask you, who is the greatest of all time? What comes to your mind?

Many chiropractors would answer Tiger Woods or BJ Palmer.  When I was growing up the answer was unquestionably Muhammad Ali.  He was even quoted as saying “ I am the greatest of all times”. Now at the time, I didn’t care for him much, I thought his values and my values were not aligned. As time went on, I began to study him because he had achieved massive success, fame, and wealth. What I found was that he prioritized the first essential value, respect.

  1. Respect: holding others in high esteem. Respect begets respect and Muhammad Ali would become others biggest fan.  If you become someone’s biggest fan, it is impossible for them not to become your biggest fan.
  • Confidence: I have talked about confidence being the number one characteristic of success.  However, it is also a value, the confidence that you have in yourself, in your ability, will lead to self-assurance.  That means that if you trust yourself then others can trust in you as well.  If you don’t trust you, then why should others? No one wants to go to the doctor that doesn’t trust themselves.
  • Conviction: I believe that everyone is better off under chiropractic care.  I know that hydration heals, adjustments heal, exercise heals, supplementation heals and I know that I must provide these services for my patients.
  • Willingness, determination and commitment: HIGHLY successful people know that must pre-emptively pay the price for their success.  The quicker they pay the price the quicker they will see results.
  • Spirituality: Working for a higher purpose.  Once you have implemented the above 4 values, utilizing this value will take your practice to the next level.  This is about changing your motives from those that are self-serving to those that are about helping your patients 100% of the time. You need to be 100% in their corner.
  • Giving: The more you give the more you receive.  It doesn’t have to be financial. You can give your time, your knowledge and so much more.  Give freely and expect nothing in return. 

Make a check list and each day make sure that what you are doing revolves around the six essential values.  Make sure your staff knows the six essential values and practices them.  Your office should be a place of respect, conviction, confidence, willingness, determination, commitment, spirituality and giving.  If everyone works on these premises and tries everyday to be a little better than the day before, then there’s nothing you can’t do.

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