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SMILE! It’s the greatest gift you can give!

A SMILE builds the self esteem of the recipient and makes them feel good about themselves. Actions speak louder the words and a SMILE says, “I like you, You make me happy, I am glad to see you”.

This is why dogs make such a big hit. They are so glad to see us they almost jump out of their skin. So naturally we are glad to see them. Now I am not talking about is an insincere grin, that doesn’t fool anybody. I am talking about a real SMILE, a heart felt SMILE, a SMILE that comes from within.


Step 1- Happiness is an inside job so choose to be happy it is a lot more fun then choosing to be sad.

Step 2- Put up a sign that says SMILE where your team can see it so they have a constant reminder. A joyful, happy and enthusiastic practice will always be a successful practice. Lead by example.

Step 3- Put up a sign that says “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring”. Success is a team sport.


“When you smile the world stops and stares because you are AMAZING just the way you are”

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