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The Four Phases of Selling

There are four phases to selling and you must master all four in order to take your patients from the phone into wellness care.  

Please remember this is not for YOU.  This is for THEM. They need chiropractic care; they do not know what they are missing, and it is your job to tell them.  It is your job to educate the public on the benefits of the adjustment, the ramifications of the subluxation and why wellness care is better than corrective care and why corrective care is better than relief care. 

Once you get through that HUGE mental hurdle, you are ready to start taking your patients through the four phases of selling. 

Phase One: Clarity and Purpose

  • Help as many people as possible
  • Introduce chiropractic care to as many new patients as possible
  • If you are not focusing on spreading the word of chiropractic to as many people as possible then you are not moving past phase one.  This step is all about spreading the word and planting as many seeds as possible. Again it’s not about you, it’s about spreading the message of healing and hope and defeating the evil of pain and suffering that plagues our world. 

Phase Two: Sales Journey

  • Starts with new patient phone call: is this appointment for you and your whole family? Why? Because everyone is better off under chiropractic care so why wouldn’t this be for the whole family.  Again , plant the seed of family care because we want everyone to be healthy.
  • Consultation: listen to the patient, understand where they are coming from.  Express empathy because you understand their pain and know that they want something better in life. 
  • Examination: find out what is causing the problem, get down the root cause of the issue which in most cases is the subluxation.  What if it’s not? Tell them that and make the appropriate referral. 
  • Report of findings: this is your chance to shine- tell them you have found their problem but don’t use fear tactics.  Tell them why they are suffering and that you have the solution through chiropractic care. Educate them on the benefits of the adjustment and ramifications of the subluxation and let them make an informed decision. 

Phase Three: Decision Time

  • Let yourself detach from the outcome.  By this point, you have led the patient to this step without putting yourself first.  You have educated them, you have shown empathy, you have figured out their problem, now they need to decide if they want the outcomes that you have laid out. 
  • Do not get attached to the outcomes, it’s not personal.

Phase Four: Post Decision- Validation

  • Everyone wants to know that they made the right decision.
  • Help your patient to know that they made the right decision which will help them to make more decisions in your office now that feel confident they made the right one to start with. 

Now go out there and get selling!

Coach Lee

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