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The Marketing Mind of Dr. Lee

elephant-balloonsMarketing needs to be an experience that leaves you fulfilled on many levels, while creating a UNIQUE opportunity for the people you desire to serve. Therefore, during my time running a high volume (Full Time) practice, we looked to have FUN with our marketing, advertising and PR. Hence the elephant.We had people (and their children) lining up during our biannual street fairs for elephant rides…and GUESS WHAT? Everyone had fun, everyone learned about our office, and our practice hit record numbers! All proceeds were donated to the Boys and Girls Club and to the Chamber of Commerce, a win-win.
Lacosta Chiropractic HistoryHowever we did not employ this strategy with the intention of “convincing people” that chiropractic is what they needed. Instead, we used this approach to create a FUN and an ENERGETIC environment that would leave people yearning to find out more.We also had a five minute TV segment called “Lets Talk Back.” We also did cable TV commercials, wrote two Health Care Columns call ” The Key To Your Health”, and had spots in the movie theaters with slides running before and after movies, and much more.

Our marketing, advertising and PR made us synonymous with Chiropractic in our area, and yes we had FUN!

Our marketing strategy is:

BE INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY, give back through the Boys and Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce, grammar school, middle school , high school, parks and rec, church, synagog, senior centers, civic organizations etc.

BE VISIBLE, whether it was as visible as cable TV or just your involvement.

BE CONGRUENT, walk your talk do what you teach. “Incongruency” is a nice way to say you are a liar.

La Costa Chiropractic Elephant

R&D, the research and development on yourself. Always grow and improve yourself so you can show up as your best, because who you are determines how well what you do works and how well what you say is heard. When you show up as your best you will get your best results in whatever you do and say.

THE INTEGRITY FACTOR, your integrity should precede you so that you brand your self as someone that can be trusted and as an expert in your field.

We never suggest that you do marketing that you do not like, it simply will not work. We do suggest you have FUN.

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