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The Number One Ingredient for Success

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There are many ingredients for success and if you have done some personal development like most of my clients then you have been bombarded with these magic ingredients repeatedly.  The question then becomes, how do you know which is the most important. Well, I’m going to tell you! 

The vital ingredient for success is a vision. Now vision has gotten a bad rap over the years partly due to mystics and people peddling different programs but let me tell you that there is a fundamental reason that vision is critical for you in your practice. 

When one of the first railroad magnates was building his railroad or better yet, when he didn’t have the money and was funding his railroad and it seemed hopeless and doomed, he kept his vision of a continental railroad in the forefront of his mind.  After he was successful, people asked him what brought him to this level of achievement.  His response: he never lost the vision of why he was doing what he is doing and what he wanted to achieve. In other words, he never lost his vision. 

He believed strongly in the importance of his mission and saw the hope that it would bring to the millions of people who would benefit from his work. 

Now, we can even take this back to cave man days, and this brings us to the first belief. 

Without a vision, people perish

The cave men understood that if they didn’t have a vision of where they would get water, shelter, food, then they would die. 

Everyday they would search for these necessary ingredients for survival, and they knew where to get them. If they didn’t have that hope that they would get food, shelter, and water then they would have surely perished. 

A vision then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where you have the idea in your head and then you go out and make it a reality. 

When it comes to chiropractic there are two types of doctors. A technician and a healer. A technician will tell what’s wrong, why it’s wrong, and what they can do to help.  A healer will tell the patient what’s wrong, why it’s wrong, and then paint a picture of hope for the future. Painting this picture of hope, allows the patient to see past their problem and into the future of possibilities, they begin to see themselves expressing life to the maximum potential and make choices that will lead them to this end. 

Creating your vision for your practice means that you will go beyond the conditions that present into your office and you will reach out to your community.  You will begin to imagine the impact that your care will have on children, mothers, fathers, teachers, etc.… and you can see how far reaching that impact will travel. 

Expanding your vision and imparting this hope into your team and your patients will spread the message that chiropractic is for everyone, and your influence becomes greater than you could have imagined. 

This brings us to the second belief. 

Your Practice Requires a Vision

Like I mentioned with the example of the railroad tycoon, your practice is your life mission and when you have a solid vision for your practice, everything else will fall into place. 

There are three components for correctly implementing this into your business:

  1. Purpose- why your practice exists, what are your core values.
  2. Vision- what does your practice look like and function in the world?
  3. Mission- what are the action steps needed to bring your practice to everyone in your community? 

If you want to have a healthy and abundantly prosperous practice and community then you might have core values that include health as a birthright, wellness is important for overall health, and loving service in everything you do. Your mission is then to check every man, woman and child in your community and bring them into this paradigm.  By fulfilling your mission, grounded in your core values, you will bring your vision to life. 

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