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The Principles of Inner Success

The picture of complete success includes feeling: healthy, joyous, fulfilled, happy and prosperous. In order to do this, you must start to resonate at a higher level of consciousness.  What I mean by this, is that you must look at your mental and spiritual health.  The power of the universe, whether you call it God or Universal Intelligence, powers our mental and spiritual health.  We can tap into these resources in order to unlock our full success potential. 

Innately, we know the difference right and wrong.  However, in order to attract what we want we must magnetize our outer environment to attract what we want into us with ease.

Who we are is a summation of our actions, thoughts and feelings.  Our conscious mind feeds our subconscious mind. 

We all have goals and when we attach a plan to those goals and work our plan, it becomes a reality.  Add to that the confidence that we know that our plans will work, allows us to manifest our goals.  Our conscious mind tells our subconscious mind that we will be successful and then we start to embody that success. 

If we don’t have that confidence already, then we must prepare ourselves for this by shedding our negative emotions.  Shedding our negative emotions, allows us to replace them with positive thoughts and feelings. 

We must start to think, “What could go right”. This will start to cancel out the negative thinking and send our action plan into hyper speed. 

As an example, if you constantly approach life with what could go right dominating 60% of your thoughts and what could go wrong 40% of the time. Then you will be moving in the right direction 20% of the time.

If we change this so that you are thinking 80% of the time about what could go right and 20% of the time about what could go wrong, then you will be moving in the right direction 60% of the time.

Can you imagine moving in the right direction 60% of the time?  

I hope you can because it’s green lights and blue skies for you.

And remember, there’s nothing you can’t do.

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