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The Proof

Since coaching with Dr. Lee my collections are up by 40% and my office visits are up by 25% from this time last year. This incredible growth has allowed me to serve more people and in return allowed me to provide for my family the way I have always wanted to. Dr. Lee took me from a place of fear and anxiety about my future to a place of excitement and growth. I am currently looking for another chiropractor to help bring my new found vision into reality. My family and I can not thank you enough Dr. Lee…my Coach, my Mentor and my Friend!!!

Kevin K.
Missoula, MT


Dr. Wood has been a personal coach of mine for as long as I have been in practice. He had and still is associated with the largest most successful practice in the area. Anytime I called him, he was very free with his advice on how to succeed and make my life better. When he formalized his consulting practice, I joined. I have grown tremendously over the years, in no small part to Dr. Wood. He gets down to core issues, and will work with you in the trenches until your problem or situation is  resolved. My wife uses him for personal consulting, which has worked out great for her and our relationship. If you wish to succeed in business or just make your life better and more meaningful, Dr. Wood is your guy!

Ford S.
Encinitas, CA.


Dr. Lee Wood came highly recommended from a friend of mine.  I must admit that at first I was skeptical about getting coached.  If you are reading this, you probably feel the same way I felt about coaching and practice management groups.   I’ve heard the horror stories from fellow chiropractors.  I can assure you that Dr. Lee Wood will far exceed your expectations.

I have been coached by Dr. Lee Wood since 2015 and it has been a great experience.  The personal one on one meetings and the amount of information he provides on his website to his members are very beneficial.   The forms and information are worth the investment alone.  My practice has grown but more importantly I have grown.  His focus is not just on “the numbers” it is on you!  His approach is about making you a better person, if you focus on personal growth, personal development, better patient interaction, and better office procedures, amazing things happen.   Your practice grows.

If you are serious about growing your practice, I strongly suggest that you take him up on his offer for a FREE 30 minute personal and professional growth coaching call so that he can answer any questions you have and “show you what he knows” and share with you some of the things he would do in your scenario.

Matthew B.
Trafford, PA


My husband, who is a Chiropractor, has been coaching with Dr. Wood for many years and I began coaching with him about 2 years ago since I do the billing and Office Manager duties in our office. Working with Dr. Wood has been a tremendous blessing and I feel very fortunate that we have found him. He has helped us both grow professionally and personally. I know that Dr. Wood is extremely knowledgeable about being a Chiropractor and how to run a successful business, since he has been a successful Chiropractor for many years, but what I like, personally, is that he is also able to coach someone like me that doesn’t have a Chiropractic education. Dr. Wood truly cares about his clients and wants them to be successful both in their business and in their personal life, which I find very valuable since we are raising 2 kids in addition to running our small office. I always walk away from our coaching sessions with a life lesson that I can apply to my family life as well. If you are looking for someone who will work hard with you and for you to take you to the next level, both personally and professionally, I would highly recommend Dr. Lee Wood.

Kristin N.
Yorba Linda, CA.

Dr. Wood has changed my life. I didn’t know coaching existed like this until I called him. He knows his business and is still working in the business so his recommendations are in time and relevant. There are many things I like about him and his coaching but the main thing I like is he has done everything on which he coaches. He built a wildly successful practice and teaches others to do what he has done. He is my biggest cheerleader and keeps me focused and accountable. He helps you to reach levels of personal and professional accomplishment you never thought could. I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without his coaching. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance. Give him a call if you want to jump-start your business and your life!!

Larry D.
Oceanside, CA.

Dr. Wood has made a big impact not only in helping me grow my practice but also in my personal life. He instills the proper mindset to become a successful Chiropractor. I have been working with Dr. Wood before I had my own practice. He helped me with my practice from the very beginning of finding a location to what it is today. I am grateful for all that he has done to help me grow.

Andrew O.
Dumont, NJ.

Dr. Lee Wood’s coaching style is above and beyond what I have experienced from some of the larger coaching groups out there. Instead of a cookie cutter approach to practice management, Dr. Wood tailors a program specifically designed to highlight and improve your strengths while consistently filling in the areas where you struggle. He works with you not only on your business acumen, but also on personal growth and empowerment. I can honestly say that he has been the key to helping me become a more competent and a much more confident business owner.

Aaron B.
Howell, MI

Dr. Wood has been an incredible support to my practice, my family, my profession, and myself since I started coaching with him in 2009.His biggest contribution has been on my personal development. I have learned techniques from him like the Hour of Power, Think and Thank, and many others. I don’t where I would be without his belief in chiropractic and in me.Whether you are a student, just starting in practice, struggling, growing, or thriving, Lee has been there and can help you get to where you deserve to be as quickly as possible.

Jon L.
Detroit, MI.

Coach Lee Wood with One n One Chiropractic has been a tremendous asset to my practice! He has not only helped with our overall practice, but has been a huge factor in my personal development as a doctor and as an adult! It doesn’t matter what level you’re at as a Chiropractor, Dr. Lee recognizes and makes improvements based on the growth you’d like to achieve.I can’t thank Dr. Lee enough for his help over the past few years! Ive talked to MANY mentors right out of graduation, and Dr. Lee has been the pure reason for my self and practice achievements. You won’t be disappointed in the tools he brings to the table!

Lance S.
Clayton, MI.

Working with One on One Chiropractic Coaching and Dr. Lee Wood has been the MOST important decision I have made in my career. Dr. Wood has helped in all areas of my business from my further understanding of running a business to patient education to retention. Also working with Dr. Lee has helped me personally grow to higher and higher heights beyond what I thought possible. His experience as a chiropractor and a coach are a great resource to help anyone looking to take the next step and be the person they were put here on earth to be. i have recommended him to many of my colleagues and would recommend anyone who is searching for that next “something” to take you to the next level of success both personally and professionally.

Chuck F.
Jackson, MI.


I was referred to Dr. Wood by a client of mine to help me take my startup business to the next level. I have read several books on personal and professional development so I already had some information and a general understanding on the topic. When I met Dr. Wood I knew very early on that I was working with someone who had in-depth knowledge and more importantly how to apply it in your life. His track record of excellence speaks for itself and he takes a genuine interest in my life both professionally and personally. I would highly recommend Dr. Wood to any entrepreneur looking to take their lives to the next level!
Kelson P.
Carlsbad, CA.


Dr. Lee,
I want to thank you so much for the coaching help you have given my partner and me over the past year. The growth has been wonderful, both business and personal. Your ability to coach the two of us has been great. I know sometimes working with partnerships is complicated but you have made it simple and enjoyable. We really look forward to 2012 being our best year in the 21 years we have been together in practice. I know with your help we will achieve our goals.– Dr. Brian Glaudini and Dr. Keith Kruthaup


“Dr. Wood has revolutionized my practice. I can’t imagine running a multiple doctor clinic without his help. He has literally saved me millions of dollars by steering me clear of costly mistakes. He knows exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. He is a gift from God! Thanks, Lee! I’m grateful.”

– Dr. Jonathan Lazar, Ann Arbor, MI


“The most powerful action that I took as a new graduate, even before entering practice, was to get a coach. I knew that there was a lot about being a successful chiropractor that I had yet to learn. Enter Dr. Lee Wood. I met him and had the pleasure of shadowing him at his practice shortly before graduating. What distinguished his practice from others that I visited, was that his practice was busy, yet his time with patients felt un-rushed. In addition, he maintained a high level of energy, charisma, and passion throughout the day. As far as a coach, Dr. Wood delivers coaching that not only empowers me to be a successful doctor, but also a successful person. From his coaching, I’ve experienced closer relationships with my wife and family, I’ve gained greater clarity in the life that I’m building, and I’m more abundant with my time and energy. By far, Dr. Wood has met and exceeded all my expectations of a coach and mentor!”

– MamertoEstepa, Jr., DC


“I spent my first 3 ½ years in practice as an associate in 4 different offices. As my situation in one office started to deteriorate, I would move on and start over all the while blaming anyone but myself for why I hadn’t succeeded. It wasn’t until I had Lee’s leadership and guidance that I was able to see what I was doing that was wrong, and what I wasn’t doing that had to happen. Thank you Dr. Wood for your patience and hard work in helping me become the doctor I always dreamed I could be.”

– Joshua Stockwell, DC


“Being coached by coach Lee has been a very rewarding, challenging and enjoyable experience. He got me to see what I needed to change, gave me reading assignments, and directly pointed out what I had to work on in order to grow and develop both in my practice and in my personal life. He has truly helped me to get my life back on a track that is more in tune with my values. His experience running a high volume practice for years shows up in his couching.”

– Dr. TrondSkar, Norway


“Coach Lee, Thank you for believing in me and my ability to make changes, especially above the atlas. With you insight and faith I have made some huge strides. I have coached for the last 5 years and had some very good coaches but, I always felt I was in constant change and never made any real changes. I believe the “hour of power” is the main exercise that resulted in a shift of my thought process. At first, the hour of power was hard to do and believe in but, you keep encouraging me to keep at it. I did, and about seven months later I started so see and feel a shift. This has directly led to an increase in my practice and improvements in my personal life. I am still working hard to see, believe and feel the whole hour of power. I have increased my practice 50% in patient visits and collections with you as a coach. Thanks to you I am doing well and growing.”

– Bradley Waters, DC


Dear Lee,

I can’t thank you enough for your coaching, it has greatly changed my life and the lives of my team in a very positive way. After only three months here is what our team debrief concluded:

1. You were very professional and gave coaching that included personal growth and practice growth that had an idividual flavor to it.

2. You were always prepared.

3. You were always flexible if we had issues that they needed to be discussed or handled.

4. Your coaching remained relevant, honest, and pertinent.

5. All of us enjoyed and found great value in the coaching.

6. All of us would recommend it for other employees as well as other Chiropractors.

7. Bottom line the coaching help all of us grow both personally and professionally.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Dr. Jeff