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The Refresh Button

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We spend so much time building habits and creating systems, for our offices to run smoothly.  So, what the heck does it mean to hit the refresh button?  You might be thinking this sounds crazy but hold on a minute and you’ll find out why this might be a good thing for your office.

Pattern interruption allows us to open doors for new successes and new energy.

Creating new rituals, rhythms and patterns amplify success.  In the beginning we build habits to quicken the pace and improve our statistics.  This allows us to be more consistent while experiencing better outcomes.

Habits and patterns are not the same thing. Patterns are what kill creativity.  We lose focus of the details, we forget our purpose, we go through the motions, and start to lose motivation.  Habits on the other hand create repetitive action which increases the firing of synapses and thus efficiency.  For example: tying your shoes. Habituation increases your speed and increases efficiency.  We talk about repeating your affirmation, this is a good habit.   You want to say, know, and believe your affirmation with certainty. 

Patterns lock in behavior for current outcomes.  Once we have achieved the outcomes that we set out in the beginning, we then need to start thinking of new goals and outcomes.  Breaking our pattern or interrupting it will allow creativity to flow for fresh new ideas and thinking.

The formula breaks down like this: you have a new idea, you make it a habit, you obtain the outcome and then you are in the pattern which is not allowing for new growth and ideas. 

You do not need to interrupt all your patterns at once, obviously patterns do help to maintain order.  Without them there would be chaos. However, now you can reflect on which areas the pattern is maintaining productivity and where you could interrupt in order to allow the influx of new ideas. 

In our office for example, I like to change the décor every season.  This interrupts the pattern for the patient.  They expect to see a certain picture in a specific place and when it’s not there, they must look to find it.  This takes the patient out of their automatic mindset and wakes them up. 

So not all interruptions have to be big.  As you can see, a small interruption is enough to get them out of the stale, routine of coming into the office and knowing exactly where everything is.

Try this with your team members.  Take a task away from one member and give it to another and vice versa.  Familiarity will bread contempt so do not let them ever become too familiar.  Allow them to experience challenge and through that growth.

Hit Your Refresh Button:

Be aware of yourself

Think of a few areas to interrupt for example your marketing, allow the creative juices to flow.

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