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The Secret: For Chiropractors 

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It’s no secret that “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is one of my favorite books.  I encourage all my clients to read it, study the material and apply it in their lives. When you open yourself up to the possibilities of the universe, life and practice can become almost effortless. Training yourself to see your vision in your mind’s eye and then bringing that vision into reality is a powerful tool. 

Too often, chiropractors enter the profession with a BIG vision and then they let the little things in life overwhelm them and lose focus. 

Focus is important for yourself, your practice, your patients and your practice. Imagine if you have a great day of patients, you see 59 people, you deliver amazing adjustments and have wonderful interactions, then you have just one not so great patient. Do you let that one visit take over your mind? Do you let that affect your energy, your mood, your thoughts when you see the other patients? Is that fair to the other people who are coming to you for help? 

Being a chiropractor means that we must master our thoughts and our feelings in order to best serve our community. You cannot become a slave to the mind and it’s never ending need to compare, measure and judge. 

Using the Law of Attraction in Chiropractic 

When used properly, the law of attraction can become the most powerful tool in your business bag. It allows you transform yourself into a living magnet. A magnet that attracts the ideal patient, give life changing adjustments, collect fair fees for exceptional service and give back in a huge way. 

Whether you like it or not; people, circumstances, and materials resonate with the frequency that you give out. 

Remember in physics class that like attracts like? 

Well, we’re still living on planet earth and the laws of physics are still in effect. So yes, like attracts like and you will attract into your life the frequency of vibration that you are being predominantly. 

That means you must be acutely aware of your demeanor, facial expressions, posture, feelings, thoughts, etc… Because like I’ve always said what you think about, you bring about. 

What To Do

You must first become aware of how you are acting now, pay attention to your thoughts, look at yourself in the mirror, listen to the words you say. 

Now find a role model, mentor, coach, or someone that you admire and watch how they behave. 

Use that wonderful mind of yours to compare yourself to them, and ask yourself questions: Am I the person that I want to attract? Am I walking, talking, thinking, acting like the best version of myself? 

Start to make changes towards being that person that you would like to become. 

Use the concept of present time conscious to be in the moment with each patient and to observe your thoughts every moment. 

This will train your mind to focus and live in the eternal now, instead of in the past or in the future. If you get stuck or need some help email me at

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