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Think Spring

As we continue to see the fruits of our labors unfold, let us spend some time to help bring some normalcy back to our practices. 

You should be ‘Thinking Spring’ from now through mid-May.  This is an important time in chiropractic to focus on practice growth, renewal and change. 

We are already seeing different policies and new ways of life unfolding around us.  You are the leader of your tribe. Your practice members look to you the “doctor” for their cue.  They want to know that everything is alright. They want to know they have a reason to be hopeful.  They want to know that you are here for them in their time of need. They want to be reassured. 

What better way to do that than to host an internal event in the office? This doesn’t need to be an actual gathering.  

  • Host a drawing or giveaway
  • Question of the week
  • Guessing game
  • Practice member of the week/month
  • Gardening tips of the week
  • Teach a class virtually on how to grow a garden
  • Host a webinar on fruits and vegetables 
  • Create a Facebook group for practice members on gardening or weight loss

It’s time to get creative- if you have cut down your patient hours and you have staff sitting at home bored, you can task them with creatively coming up with ideas to connect your practice members.

Time to think outside the box. 

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