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Thriving vs. Surviving

Ask yourself this question: “Am I thriving or am I surviving?”

This question can change your whole perspective and possibly your life.  

You cannot afford to be in survival mode and some of you have been operating from this mentality for a long time.  I cannot stress this enough; IT IS TIME TO CHANGE.

It is time to shift your focus from getting by, paying the bills, and getting through to abundance, wealth, opportunity, and being excited to be alive.

So many of your friends and colleagues are going to have a hard time during the upcoming year.  They have not prepared: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially or physically to handle the changes that will take place. 

If you are a client of mine, then you know that we have worked hard to prepare for this moment.  I have taught you how to work hard now so you can have what no one else has in the future. I have taught you how to save a 3-month emergency fund.  I have taught you how to streamline procedures and processes so that you can make your office compliant with CDC guidelines in record time. 

We are sending out e-mails to our members as often as we get new information which is about once a day right now. 

You are ready, you are prepared.

Now you need to embrace the mentality that you are thriving. You are ready to use this time as an opportunity to grow.  Expand your resources, expand your capacity to serve, expand your social network to other doctors and facilities in your community. 

You should wake up thinking: How can I expand? How can I grow? How can I serve more? How can I make a difference? If you are not a client already and would like to become one please email  There is no better time than the present to catch up with your peers.

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