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Top 3 Steps to Sell Chiropractic

Most people don’t like the idea of selling. They immediately get a picture of the dad from “Matilda”, Danny DeVito as the used car salesman, greased comb over, overweight, sleezy, trying to rip you off and take your money. 

Others don’t like the idea of being rejected, because they haven’t learned to stay detached from the outcome.  Lastly, some chiropractors are suffering from a poverty complex themselves and project that onto their patients. 

Here’s the problem: if you don’t treat your business like a business, you won’t be in business very long. Get it? You can’t avoid sales or being a salesperson. It’s comes with the territory of having a service and the necessity that people must buy your service to keep the business going. 

Step 1: Accept the fact that we are always selling ourselves to everyone: our families, our friends, our neighbors, etc… Everywhere you go you are selling yourself. 

  • A sale is a value exchange.  Sales lead to someone giving someone else something that leads to better outcomes, better experiences, more information, better ideas or increased possibilities. 
  • Selling is the proposed exchange of these goods. The buyer will buy the messenger before they buy the message.  The person who proposes the exchange must have certain characteristics so that the buyer believes that their life will indeed improve with the services, goods, or ideas that the salesperson is selling. 
  • Characteristics: a) confidence b) present time consciousness c) kind d) caring e) knowledgeable 
  • What characteristics would be important to you if you were picking a new chiropractor? 

Step 2: Ethical Tone

  • Make sure that everyone walks away with a feeling of win-win
  • Team purpose- does your team understand that everyone must win? Do they understand that they are all salespeople? However, they are selling with the patient’s best interest in mind. 

Step 3: Understand the Role of Salesperson

  • Visionary that purposes the new products/services/goods/ideas to the buyer that will help to improve their lives
  • Here are some examples of well-known salespeople that you might not think of: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., BJ Palmer 
  • These great men were selling humanity on a bigger and brighter future one where all men are created equal, where everyone can connect to technology and deserves the right to knowledge, where everyone can be free from subluxation and it’s damaging effects!

Question to Ask Yourself:

Are you telling your patients facts or Are you selling them on passion? 

You should be selling them on the idea of health and healing on the idea that they can be a better version of themselves and have the right to health. They can achieve this through chiropractic care at your office and you can help them to achieve this goal. 

Be a salesperson, Be ethical, Be clear, and Be purposeful. 

Coach Lee

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