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Top Three Ways to Brighten Your Office

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During Quarantine many people have been stuck indoors and are suffering from the effects of poor lighting, stuffy air and fear.  It is our job to help them to overcome this through the adjustment, hope, and our office.  

In these unprecedented times, it is important to have weekly team meetings that keep your staff focused on your goals and working towards the greater good.  B.J. Palmer said that we can change our community by changing the man and we can change our state by changing our community.  So, let’s shift our focus to one where we can have the greatest impact by changing each and every individual that we come into contact with.  

Let us get lost in the process of doing an excellent job each and every day to improve the health and well-being of our community members, practice members and staff. 

Now, let’s talk about the three things you can do to brighten your office: 

Fresh Flowers at Reception

Add fresh cut flowers to your reception desk, just make sure your front office staff isn’t allergic. These flowers should be bright and cheerful.  Fresh flowers send the message of hope, revival, and growth.  The new growth is here and we are ready to be apart of it. Make sure to change your flowers weekly so that they are always new and perky.  Do not let the flowers wither and die at the desk, that sends the wrong message.  Pick colors like yellow, blues, and violets, these colors are cheerful and soothing.  Stay away from reds and oranges, as we try not use reds and oranges in a healthcare setting anyways. 

Open a Door

Are you the type of doctor who is open and accessible to the community?  The best way to send this message is to prop a door open and let in the fresh summer air.  People will appreciate not having to touch a doorknob and you can get some fresh, clean air into your office. 

It is important to use symbols such as flowers and doors to send the right message to your practice members.  They need to know what type of doctor you are, and you want to be known as the doctor who is open and accessible.  

Now, if it gets too hot, use some common sense, and close the door, run the AC, and cool down your office.  No one wants the doctor who sweats all over them either.  Use good judgement and alternate between AC and open doors.  Do not worry about the cost of using more AC, trust me this will bring in new business and will pay off. 

Uplifting Music 

Play light, uplifting music in your office.  This is such a simple thing to do but too often I hear the radio or slow outdated elevator music.  Play contemporary, happy songs that invoke feelings of happiness, well-being, and joy into everyone who hears it.  No profanity or any music that is genre specific.  If your office cannot settle on the right album, then try uplifting instrumentals.  Instrumentals do not have any words, but you can choose a playlist that this centered around happy melodies. 

So there you have it, three easy ways to brighten your office.  You can start doing those today and see the difference by Friday.  This will make a big difference in your office.

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