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Unify Your Team: Chiropractic Mastery

When you grow your practice, you may add on new team members to take on front desk, back office, billing or marketing. You may already have a practice that has these positions in place. Now is a great time to evaluate your current team situation and determine if everyone is playing by the same playbook. 

The average employee wastes 50% of their time. 

37% of time is wasted on idle conversation, patient conversations that don’t have to do with their care. 

13% is wasted surfing the internet, showing up late, or leaving early. 

So, if you think you are paying $15 an hour, you are really paying $30 an hour. 

  1. Use Checklists

In our clinic we have a checklist for every department: front desk, back office, billing. This means that everyday they know what the top priorities are and the second and third and so forth.  Keeping our focus on our checklists allows our team members to get the objectives done that will move us closer to our goals.

  1. CANI- Constant And Never-ending Improvement

We strive for excellence, not perfection. 

First, we try to see things from other people’s perspective and keep this in our mind’s eye. How will the patients perceive this? How will my team members perceive this? We may not always agree with them, but we keep in mind that this will improve communication and lead to greater understanding. 

Be prepared and do your due diligence every day in every way. 

Show up at your best and practice present time consciousness. 

Do the ordinary tasks, extraordinarily well. Care more, dream more, expect more from yourself. 

As a leader in the clinic, you will set the bar and your team will follow. Start by asking this of yourself and you’ll be amazed how those around you change. 

  1. Three Policies 
  1. Help Attitude
  2. Every patient leaves better than when they walked in.
  3. Every patient feels like they got more than they paid for.
  4. Creating Office Culture

There should be a clear order of importance for the team. This starts with the doctor being a leader and showing them what is important to you.

Chiropractic and bringing the message of chiropractic to every man, woman and child is the clinic’s first mission. 

The clinic is second most important, striving for excellence in everything that we do. 

The doctor is third because we want to have loyalty, but it can become about ego when the doctor is first. Putting the doctor third and chiropractic first, shows that chiropractic is a calling, and the message of chiropractic is MOST important. 

Use these four steps to begin unifying your team and be amazed at the outcomes. If you do not see the changes that you want, go back and ask yourself if you are being the leader that they need. 

If that doesn’t work, invest in coaching to help with your personal growth so that you can live your God given potential and show up at your best. 

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