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Using 3 Universal Principles in Your Practice

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The universal principles are there to help you to create a life with ease. Much like adjusting a patient, we remove the subluxation and let the universe take over. The same can be done with any area in your life where you are finding resistance, obstacles, or struggle. 

In the adjustment pathway, we know that we need to get in the right head space, connect our innate intelligence to the universal innate intelligence, deliver the precise adjustment and let the rest go. 

We can apply this same idea to our finances, patients that we attract, happiness, and home life. 

Law of Cause and Effect

There is a law of cause and effect which can be said that for every cause there is a result. We are the sum of our beliefs, thoughts and choices. 

Our thoughts become our actions and our actions determine our material world. 

It all starts with our beliefs that we hold deep in our subconscious. 

Law of Belief

Your reality comes from two things inside of you, not from any external circumstances. Your belief in an expected outcome and the feelings that the outcome generates. 

The brain and mind work together to deliver what you expect. So, when you allow your beliefs to generate strong feelings, things that give you goosebumps or increase your heart rate, that will tell the autonomic nervous system to get to work on making those things real. 

The subconscious mind will then go to work to create situations, actions and choices that align with those feelings and beliefs. 

Law of Expectation

In the law of cause and effect, we understand that everything starts with our beliefs. 

What you expect with confidence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. With confidence, is the key in the sentence. Your beliefs are what you expect to happen and know to be certain.

Examine what you really believe and look at it from an outsider’s perspective. Ask yourself, is this true? 

If you find that what you believe isn’t necessarily true, then start to come up with alternate beliefs. 

Begin by asking yourself, “what do I want?” 

The key is to ask questions.  When you start asking yourself questions, you will stop automatically believing your old beliefs and new ones can form. 

Asking questions such as “What are the possibilities? What could go right?” Will jump start your mind into the realm of imagination.  Taking your brain into this magical place will reignite your awareness for the unseen potential that has seemingly been far from you. 

Try to gage the amount of time you spend running old beliefs and the amount of time you spend asking yourself questions. 

Start by running through these three universal principles daily. Identify that you are the cause and effect of everything in your life, it’s time to take responsibility for what you create! Look at your beliefs and realize that they are creating your outside world. Own that your mind and subconscious are working for or against you every day, but they are completely within your control.  Take back your power and start asking yourself better questions.  When you come up against obstacles, or resistance, try to see the opportunities and possibilities and create a positive situation.

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